Just For Change, Just For Fun!!!

fashion-studio-photoshoots-fashion-blogger-fashion-fiwl.eu-just-for-change-just-for-fun“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”.

It is approximately eight months my fashion blog exits. Seems it was yesterday I have decided to open FROM ITALY WITH LOVE BY AMALYA fashion blog. I am in a constant learning , improving and consequently changing process. Evolution and perfection is what I am striving and working hard for.

Let’s not only speak about changes but do some changes as well. To begin with, today I am coming up with two outfits instead of one, studio shoots instead of outdoor ones JUST FOR CHANGE, JUST FOR FUN!!!!!

Honestly, studio shooting was more difficult that I could have imagined. I realized that I definitely prefer outdoor shooting which doesn’t mean that I am not going to retry studio shooting.

So my dears try to begin your week with a big smile because smile is the key to be efficient in work and in your everyday life affairs. See you soon !!!!

With love,


fashion-studio-photoshoots-indoor shoots-fashion-pictures-fashion-blogger-from-italy-with-love-by-amalya-www.fiwl.eu-just-for change-just-for-fun


fashion-studio-photoshoots-indoor shoots-fashion-pictures-fashion-blogger-from-italy-with-love-by-amalya-just-for change-just-for-fun

fashion-studio-photoshoots-fashion-pictures-fashion-blogger-from-italy-with-love-by-amalya-www.fiwl.eu-just-for change-just-for-fun

fashion-studio-photoshoots-indoor shoots-fashion-pictures-fashion-blogger-from-italy-with-love-by-amalya-www.fiwl.eu-just-for change-just-for-fun-nice-outfits

Amalya Khachiyan

Site administrator and creator.


  1. OMG! you look adorable in the first outfit. It’s cute and yet chic and classy at the same time. Love the second one as well. So elegant, yet casual. Great sense of style.

  2. Hello Amalya! I am so happy that you embrace change in such positive way. Changes is always good especially when we step out of our comfort zone. The pictures are amazing and you look wonderful. I really love everything you are wearing and keep up the great work! xoxo, Jeannette


  3. I love the second look – and the matchiness of it! I haven’t done studio shooting but I can see how outdoors would be a lot better – more to interact with!

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